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I was born in Ventura County in Southern California and attended Newbury Park Academy, now know as Newbury Park Adentist Academy. After graduation I moved to the San Fernando Valley where I met and married my husband. I now live in Fallbrook with my husband and the memories of our many cats. Besides Catwalk, I've written a number of articles and short stories, and am currently working on a follow-up book to Catwalk. A Spanish language version of Catwalk is also in the works.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tell me about your cat.

When Precious was a kitten, she developed a bad habit of climbing up under the car and perching on the drive shaft. One day I had to go to the hardware store for something, and drove off without realizing she was under there. When I got back home we realized what had happened, but had no way of knowing where she had gotten off. It broke my heart to see her mother sitting in the yard, calling into the evening air for her precious baby.

The next day I went to the copy store and made up a hundred "lost kitten" flyers and passed them out to every house within a block of the street I had taken to the store. Two days passed and I had almost given up, and Suzie had quit calling, when I got a phone call from a woman on the next block. They had found a kitten matching that description, and would I come take a look at it. I was there in less than 10 minutes with my cat carrier.

I hurried home and set the carrier on the grass a few feet away from Suzie and opened the door. Precious came out slowly, and Suzie saw her. She hesitate a moment, then went over to her and started washing her. We started calling the little one "Precious Baby" and eventually just "Precious".


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Freeman:
I read you articles and your book as well and found them very interesting. I was wondering if you would have interest in translating them into spanish.I am uruguayan (spanish as mother lenguage). Please contact me to my email adress belec88@hotmail.com
Yours faithfully
María Belén

jean said...

I used to have 3 cats. Snickers, Molly and Pollyanna. Snickers was the top cat of the group. He would make sure the youngsters did not get out of line. He has been with me since 1993. Got him thru adoption, love at first touch. I was looking at all the cats there at the pound and when I came up to Snickers, he literally grabbed my sweater with his paw and thus his coming home with me. He too crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was the most lovable,sweetest, andso cuddley cat ever. Molly I got thru same agency, and Molly was just 6 wks old and very lively, and of course Molly wanted a home too. Molly was happy as long as Molly was held, cuddled,smooched too. Then of course Iwas told Molly was a girl, but to our surprise, at the age of 4 months, turned out to be a boy. He said Ta Da!!! It was funny. Pollyanna was just 3 months old and very wild at heart. She is a beauty multicolored and smart and ornery as a cat can be. She is my alarm clock, she jumps up on the dresser in the early morning of 3 or 4 am to get me out of bed. And there is no getting away from sleeping extra zzzzz. She is very queenly, and lets me know that she is royalty.
These two cats are my babies and they make me smile and laugh outrageously with their silly foolishness. I would not trade them for peanuts or money. But I sure wish that Snickers could be here to cuddle at nights as was his habit.
Topeka, Ks.